Thursday, December 11, 2008

Small But Mighty Rally & March

Last night I went to the Day Without Gays Rally and March that started in the San Francisco's Mission neighborhood. It was a nice night for a march as the small but feisty group marched along Valencia Street (past all the Mission restaurants) to the LGBT Community Center on Market Street. The march was supposed to end there but the group decided to march all the way to the Castro. (A splinter group tried to go to City Hall until someone convinced them that City Hall was closed and it would be dark.)

I wanted to attend the march just to keep up the solidarity and awareness building. But the crowd definitely was smaller than earlier protests soon after the November election. Don't know if it's anti-Prop. 8 fatigue or Christmas shopping, but it was a small group. I hope people will still come out to show support, despite waiting to see what the courts will do, because we still need to win in the court of public opinion, as demonstrated in the elections. We can't be complacent, ever!

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