Friday, December 19, 2008

Say a Little Prayer for Our Nation

There’s a lot of outrage among the gay community over the selection of President-elect Obama to have evangelical pastor Rick Warren deliver the opening prayer at Obama’s inauguration next month. Warren is a conservative who has spoken out against same-sex marriages and campaigned for the passage of Prop. 8.

While I agree with those who are upset about this selection, I’m not surprised.

I think it is upsetting because while I welcome Obama’s philosophy of bringing opposing viewpoints together, that doesn’t mean you should give a person with a history of hate messaging such a grand platform as an inauguration of the nation’s president. Sure, bring him to a conference of pastors to debate marriage equality. Have him give a prayer at an inaugural luncheon. But to have such a large platform for his opposing views? That’s just sad.

Still, I’m not as upset as some gay groups that are circulating petitions (you can check those out here) because it’s not surprising coming from Obama. He calls himself a “fierce advocate for gay rights” but he’s also the one who will not come out to demand equal rights for gays when it comes to marriage. He did oppose Prop. 8 but he didn’t support the other end, which is marriage equality for all. He believes gays should be satisfied with the less-powerful marriage equivalent promoted as “civil unions.”

I did vote for Obama because there was no other candidate who stood up for gay marriages, so Obama’s position on other issues was worth supporting in lieu of his stand on this one. But I wouldn’t call myself an ardent supporter of Obama Nation. I’m not going to go out and campaign for him, or raise funds for him, or stick my neck out for him when he hasn’t done the same for the gay community. A fierce advocate? PUH-lease.

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