Sunday, December 7, 2008

Harvey Milk: You Gotta Give 'Em Hope

I went to see Gus Vant Sant's "Milk" film last night and was deeply moved by this reminder of the gay rights leader and first openly gay elected politician Harvey Milk. Folding in actual footage from the times and giving the new footage a vintage look really took one back in time to the early struggles of the gay rights movement in the 1970s. People have said it before, but the the fight during Milk's time against Prop. 6 (banning gays from being teachers in California) mirrors the fight against Prop. 8 (banning gay marriages) today. The difference is the grass roots effort by the gay community fought back the ugly Prop. 6 proponents. Complacency today allowed Prop. 8 to pass. We need to remember history, and like Milk says, you gotta give 'em hope.

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