Friday, April 3, 2009

They Got it Right ... in Iowa?!

While California Supreme Court mulls over the question about a same-sex ban, the high court in Iowa has overturned that state's same-sex marriage ban, calling it, rightfully so, unconstitutional.

As a minority in this nation (Asian and gay, double dings!), I'm comforted to know that the courts will protect the rights of all, not just the loudest or popular. But then again, hateful voters will just cause more trouble in the ballots. If we let them. Please spread the word to any of your friends and family in the Midwest that Iowa got it right this time and they should be applauded, not made to feel ashamed.

Now if only California can be the leader like how Iowans have shown the way.

Link to news reports:
"Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban," New York Times
"Iowa Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage," Los Angeles Times

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