Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stand Up Against DOMA

A video from Join the Impact to drum up support for the national DOMA protest set for Saturday, Jan. 10.

UPDATE: Read the comments section and Sean, one of the organizers of the local DOMA event, notes that there will be a small rally at Castro & Market and then volunteers will fan out to collect signatures for the petition to be sent to Obama. If you want to join in, meet at the Castro. Go to the group's Facebook page for more info. (Again, check the comments).

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Anonymous said...

Hi There -

I'm one of the few people helping organize the San Francisco Repeal DOMA Protest. We're actually having a short rally at Castro & Market, not City Hall, and after the rally, everyone is going out to many different neighborhoods to collect signatures to attach to an open letter Join the Impact will be sending to Barack Obama asking him to repeal DOMA.

More information can be found on our website, and we have a Facebook Event now here:

If I could ask you a favor, you might want to do a quick "edit" at the end of this blog post to say where this event will be.