Saturday, January 24, 2009

If We March, Who Will Lead?

When Prop. 8, the anti-same sex marriage proposition, passed in California last November, there was so much anger that many stormed the streets across America. Many felt the momentum was enough to go all the way to the capital and march on Washington ala the Million Man March.

But now it seems plans for a march is decentralized, misleading and confusing. Which is the lead group planning the event? Is it a march to D.C. or a march to Sacramento?

One particular group calling itself Yes on Gay Marriage and leading the charge for a march on Washington reportedly has ties to a voter guide printed last November that supported the Yes on 8 campaign, according to a new report in the Bay Area Reporter.

So who are we to believe? And more importantly, who are we to follow? It's time for legitimate and credible LGBT organizations to step forward and take the lead on planning such a major and important event. Where are our established leaders at a time when we need someone we can trust?

Today (Jan. 24), a task force planning session called the Equality Summit took place in Los Angeles. I hope more clarity will come from this meeting, and I hope that a march on Washington is still on the table so that we can show the force of our solidarity to the nation.

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