Thursday, November 20, 2008

Draw the Curtains on Cinemark

Across the nation, gays and their friends are calling for the boycott of the movie chain Cinemark. Now, I've said earlier that boycotts of businesses that donated to Yes on 8 is a double-edged sword because a business suffering financially could affect the employees who may be supporters of Prop. 8.

However, I think you can't ignore the really big companies with the deep pockets funding groups promoting hate against the LGBT community. Cinemark's CEO Alan Stock donated $10,000 to the Yes on 8 campaign, and you just can't ignore such a big donation and someone so high up in a company. (It would be different if the accountant made a donation.)

I actually never heard of Cinemark and thought I didn't have to worry about the boycott in my area, but turns out they own the movie theater I frequent at the San Francisco Westfield Shopping Mall at Union Square. I liked going to that theater because all their seats are leather and the screens are huge. But now, I won't go there because I'm boycotting Cinemark. I don't want my money contributing to the salary of a CEO who freely gives his money to groups that removes civil rights from gays and lesbians.

One particular group calling itself No MILK for Cinemark is making a point of avoiding Cinemark when the new "Milk" movie opens next week. Please support the latest movie from gay director Gus Van Sant, but don't do it at a Cinemark theater. There are alternatives. Make the effort to find them. I will.

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