Friday, February 6, 2009

Love Is In The Air

Of course, next Saturday is that made-up holiday about love and while people will still stress over getting flowers or making dinner reservations on a Saturday night, the days after Valentines' Day will also be important for love among the same-sex couples who want to marry.

In Sacramento, a major rally is being organized by Equality Action NOW for Monday, Feb. 16, which is the Presidents' Day holiday. Among some of the expected speakers include stars like Julia Louis-Dryfus, George Takei and the people behind the movie "American Beauty." Leading up to the major rally, the people behind Equality California (unrelated to Equality Action Now) is starting a Tell 3 campaign to encourage people to tell three friends they're gay, so more people can be out and proud.

It's a lot happening this month, but I hope you check out the events and show your support. The oral arguments before the state Supreme Court is next month on March 5. So let's start building the momentum today.

Learn more about the Sacramento rally on Presidents' Day at the Equality Action NOW site here.

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